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Sealux Housings are in a class of their own, they are Aluminium milled of the monoblock CNC, hard-anodised and Teflon coated. Sealux Housings also feature Glass Optics, and their famous Grand Viewfinder. The high-quality optical system, multicoated, enlarges the viewfinder picture to a fantastic scale of reproduction of 1: 1.1. We order in Sealux housings as requested, please contact us for a quote.

Sealux DSRL Camera Housings

Sealux Manufacture DSLR Housings for Nikon D2X, D200, D70s, D100 & Canon EOS 5D, 10D, 300D.

Additional Accessories; 5pin or 6pin Bulkheads, Moisture Alarms, Manual/Auto Switch, Stabilizing Wings, Strobe Arms, Strobe Housings, Flat Ports, Dome Ports,

Sealux Video Housings
Sealux produce housings for HDV for Sony and Canon. They also produce universal housings to suit a range of camcorders.

Additional Accessories; Dome Ports, Video Monitors, HID Lights, Halogen Lights, Colour Correction Filters, Moisture Alarms, Stabilizing Wings.

Sealux Video Monitors
Sealux have 4 Video Monitors in their range. The highly-resolving SEALUX LCD TFT active - matrix colour monitor provides a sharp depiction full of contrasts up to a water depth of 90m.

A must have for any serious videographer!!

Sealux Housing Accessories
Sealux have a range of Glass Flat Ports and Dome Posts. Stablising Wings, Arms, Strobe Housings, Video Monitors, Diopters, Moisture Alarms, Bulkheads, Flexiable Contacts, HID and Halogen Lights, Grand Viewfinders.
You can expect the best quality workmanship in a Sealux Housing.

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