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Snap Sights Sports Waterproof Camera

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Snap Sights Underwater Camera
Sports Waterproof Camera 5m/15ftThis inexpensive yet tough and durable waterproof model is designed for use in daylight conditions. Its compact size, rugged and waterproof design make it an ideal camera for snorkeling, skiing, fishing, boarding, surfing, etc. Rigorous quality control at the factory is one reason we are industry leaders in low return rates and customer satisfaction.


  • Waterproof to 8 metres/25 feet
  • 28mm Focus Free lens
  • Preloaded with 27 exposure 200 ASA film
  • Shock resistant, heavy-duty housing that floats
  • Flip-up sports viewfinder
  • Pressure resistant shutter button
  • Hand strap included
  • Camera is reusable

Click here to view the easy reloading instructions for this camera.

Reusable Underwater CameraTo find out more about the Snap Sights Sports Waterproof Camera, please contact us.

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